About Us

Restoring Hope, Healing Minds: Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health – Your Path to a Better Tomorrow.

Our History

Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health is a locally owned and operated organization. Our vision for this company began from our first-hand experiences, witnessing the tragic effects of a community with unmet behavioral health needs. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Tatum would often get calls from concerned loved ones and referral sources asking where to get help for those needing higher levels of care but not meeting the criteria for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Seeing these individuals go untreated was heartbreaking. With a strategic plan for addressing the mental health disparity in Fresno County, Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health was founded in April 2018.

Our Mission

Sierra Meadows behavioral health exists to help restore hope in the lives of those affected by mental health conditions. Our aim is to help restore healthy neuropsychological functioning in each individual we serve. In doing so we strive to not only reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions but help our patients start a journey toward healing and wholeness. Our mission at Sierra Meadows is to help our patients through the pain that life brings so we can alleviate the suffering they are experiencing. At Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health we know that quality can be very difficult to find. When you or a loved one is suffering, trying to understand and navigate through the broken mental health system in our country is daunting. We are here to provide hope in your time of suffering but a beacon of hope and a path towards healing. Let us help you begin your journey today!

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