Residential Inpatient Treatment

Transformative Recovery: Residential Inpatient Treatment at Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health.


Our patients and their families come to us scared, confused, and looking for hope. When residential treatment is indicated, there are often significant struggles in the lives of the afflicted individual and their family. This may be a severe episode of depression, self-destructive behavior, extreme anxiety, frequent mood fluctuations, a recent suicide attempt, difficulty managing stress, problems in interpersonal relationships, and more. We, at Sierra Meadows, are here to be a beacon of hope in these difficult times. Our expert staff are ready to help you establish the fulfilling life you desire. 

For many individuals and their families, the journey to mental wellness can be fraught with challenges, confusion, and despair. Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health offers a beacon of hope through its Residential Inpatient Treatment program, designed to provide expert, comprehensive care for those grappling with severe psychiatric conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, depression, self-destructive behavior, extreme anxiety, frequent mood fluctuations, and suicide attempts. The residential treatment program at Sierra Meadows is an expertly designed approach to treatment. Our goal is to restore healthy neuropsychological functioning in each individual. To accomplish that, we have implemented a program that is based on the best neuroscientific research available. We do not limit ourselves to one method of delivering services; we provide an intentionally designed program to incorporate a holistic approach to treatment that is neuropsychologically driven.

The Accommodations

Individual Therapy

Each patient will be assigned an individual therapist - at minimum, patients have one individual session per week. Additional sessions are on an as-needed basis. These therapy sessions are aimed not only at reducing psychiatric symptoms, but building the skills necessary to cope with life’s stressors,

Our therapists are highly skilled in a variety of evidence based treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, trauma therapy, solution-focused therapy, and more. Because of the extensive experience our therapists bring, we are able to cater our treatment approach to the unique needs of each patient.

Family / Couples Therapy

Each patient is assigned a therapist that will meet with them multiple times per week. During the course of treatment, families will be encouraged to participate in at least one family therapy session. More sessions may be recommended by the therapist depending on the needs of the patient. Family therapy sessions have a variety of aims: educating the family on mental health symptoms and conditions, establishing healthy support and communication within the family, establishing a discharge plan, etc. The focus of your family sessions will depend the patient’s specific needs.

Psychological Assessments

There are times when experts may need to rely on psychological testing to rule out or confirm a psychiatric diagnosis. In these instances, Sierra Meadows has the ability to utilize psychometric tests to aid in this process. Because this service may not be covered by your insurance, an additional cost may be incurred.

Case Management

Each incoming patient will be assigned a case manager who is responsible for assisting with needs such as disability claims, FMLA paperwork, housing and transportation needs following treatment, insurance issues, legal issues, etc. The case manager will assist in establishing a discharge plan to include follow up care when a patient completes their treatment.

Neuropschologically Designed Milieu

The overarching goal of our treatment at Sierra Meadows is the restoration of healthy neuropsychological functioning for each individual. This means that we take a brain based approach to treating the emotional, cognitive, and relational issues our patients are struggling with. In addition to the services mentioned above, we integrate other forms of treatment in order to achieve this goal. Patients receive regular physical activity and attend the gym daily. Outings in the community are planned regularly to assist in practicing coping skills outside the facility. Nature based activities are used to connect patients to nature and themselves. At times, holistic therapies such as massage, yoga, gardening, and art therapy are used to reach areas of the brain that traditional talk therapy cannot. Each of these modalities is used with intention, research evidence, and neuropsychological healing in mind.

Group Therapy

In the residential setting, group therapy plays a key role in psychosocial rehabilitation. Patients at Sierra Meadows receive a full day of clinical programming seven days per week – the majority of which is group therapy. Each group has a specific purpose that fits into the overall design of the program. Psychoeducational groups focus on teaching patients about mental health symptoms and conditions as well as building coping skills for dealing with symptoms. Process groups allow patients to share their stories and struggles in order to work through difficult past and current issues. Experiential groups allow patients to be actively engaged in the treatment process in order to build new skills in real life situations. Additional groups are incorporated based on the needs of the individuals in the milieu. These groups are uniquely designed for those needing a residential level of care and are based on neuropsychological principles of healing.

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Common Questions About Our Residential Inpatient Treatment Program

We treat a wide range of conditions including severe depression, self-destructive behavior, extreme anxiety, frequent mood fluctuations, and even cases involving recent suicide attempts. Our program is designed to offer hope and effective treatment for these difficult situations.

You'll meet with your assigned therapist at least once a week for individual therapy. Additional sessions can be scheduled based on your needs.

Families are strongly encouraged to participate in the therapy process. At least one family therapy session will be scheduled during your course of treatment, and more may be added depending on your specific situation.

Some psychological testing might require additional costs, which are not covered by insurance. We will inform you beforehand if such situations arise.

Each patient is assigned a case manager to assist with various logistical matters like disability claims, FMLA paperwork, and planning for housing and transportation after treatment.



Our program is designed based on the latest neuroscientific research. We aim not only to treat symptoms but to restore healthy neuropsychological functioning through a variety of therapies and activities.



Yes, we integrate therapies like art therapy, yoga, and even outings in nature to reach areas of the brain that traditional talk therapy might not address.

Regular physical activity is part of our holistic approach to healing, and you'll have opportunities to attend the gym daily.

A detailed discharge plan will be established with your case manager to ensure you have follow-up care and resources for a seamless transition back into daily life.

While the focus is on residential treatment, the discharge plan often includes referrals for continued treatment and support to help you maintain the progress you've made.

We treat a wide range of mental health conditions including depression, extreme anxiety, frequent mood fluctuations, and even more severe issues such as suicide attempts and self-destructive behaviors. Our team of experts is equipped to handle a variety of psychiatric conditions.